To lose sense of reality. To lose sense of life.. To be wrapped in a bubble. The need to never move.. The need to be in his arms. Time moves yet stands still here. Butterflies rush, head dizzy, nothing matters. Background fear, background panic. To be dissolved when looking in his eyes.. To kiss for eternity to lay naked for a lifetime.. For nothing to matter for time means nothing. Never to leave his side never to be bored. To talk about the world to talk about life. To wonders of the universe life with death. Black holes and matter. Words of meaning yet nothing without his touch..
Blinding sun, warm breeze. Blurring faces, blurring speech. Nothing matters in this bubble of life. To feel like a lifetime yet only for days. A week of forever only a blink of an eye. sense of reality to quickly disappear. Exploring feelings never thought possible. To open up doors in a box of a life.. To lose control, rule book gone. What to to next where to go.. Unanswered questions seem so obsolete. To surrender to emotion surrender to life. Lost in the blur, to not care what next. No plans, no list, no rules.
The world continues to spin. The sun rises and sets eternal interia. To end in this moment never to care to matter. Touch of his skin. Tracing life on the velvet surface of calm. Understanding nothing yet everything making sense.. The world opening up possibilities of everything making all so real.. No need to be. Just you and me


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