Time away from you

Can’t touch

Can’t see

Can’t be

Closed eyes

Dreaming of you

Wanting you

Missing you

Life takes over


Must do

Must be

What without you

Forget me?

Miss me?

Want me?

Life takes me away

Never my heart

Love over the distance

Touching everything in sight

Til I return

Please Hold my heart


A question of soul mates

Soul mates…

Soul mate?

What if I’m never soul mate?

Does the world crash down

Do I throw the chance away

Is it worth a wasted day?

Soul mate just a term

Implying what?

Isn’t love just the same

Unique in every way

Don’t we flourish in the years

Changing lives

Imprinting souls

If we work on our mistakes

Share our love and all our pain

Act like kids and run away

To the water and the hay

Bringing laughter in the sun

Should I waste this perfect chance?

Is our soul not like our heart

Ever changing not to stop