Life without a dad

Happy fathers day
To the dad I never see

Happy fathers day
To the dad who left me

Happy fathers day
For the one I’ll never see


Game of love

One or two in this game of love

One or two in this game of trust

Lost in the feeling of you and me

Lost in this world no one can see

For ever or just for a day

Til death do us part

Or til one runs aways

Broken trust

Distort her

Scream closer

Unending jealously

Wandering trust

Imperfect girl


When it turns to lies

Broken friendship

Broken lives

Shattered hopes

It’s turned to lies



Living together

Moving in together

New life

New dreams

New hopes

Fear of unknown

Hold myself tight

Never letting go

Is this for you and not me

How to work at something so new

Can I leave the past behind??

Will the wounds close?

Will i stop hurting

Will u hold me under the stars

Will u Never let me go


Lost soul

Pain consumes all
Darkness prevails
Rising from the depts of hell
It takes hold of the empty soul
Nothing left inside
The voices take hold

Blood seeps from every pore
Pain gone
All to search for what no longer exists

Watching from a far
Trapped in a box
Lost from a body no longer hers
Alien actions
Not to control

No sense of mind
No sense of reality
Lost in a world
Lost in the noise

The evil rises up taking hold
Shes gone just an empty shell
Never to return
Actions never hers


Why are things this way

Why does it hurt?
Why am I here?
Why do I want everything yet get nothing?
Life is hard sometimes roll with the bad I take it…
London soon things will be better I hope..
Is the grass is always greener?
Is it just me…?
Food.. No food.. Hungry… Fat…. Scared… Lonely… Sad 😦