Time away from you

Can’t touch

Can’t see

Can’t be

Closed eyes

Dreaming of you

Wanting you

Missing you

Life takes over


Must do

Must be

What without you

Forget me?

Miss me?

Want me?

Life takes me away

Never my heart

Love over the distance

Touching everything in sight

Til I return

Please Hold my heart


Life without a dad

Happy fathers day
To the dad I never see

Happy fathers day
To the dad who left me

Happy fathers day
For the one I’ll never see


Game of love

One or two in this game of love

One or two in this game of trust

Lost in the feeling of you and me

Lost in this world no one can see

For ever or just for a day

Til death do us part

Or til one runs aways


Perfect day

When the sun rises above the line

When the colours warp and move around

When music of our world erupts

Into the warmth of this perfect day


Broken trust

Distort her

Scream closer

Unending jealously

Wandering trust

Imperfect girl


When it turns to lies

Broken friendship

Broken lives

Shattered hopes

It’s turned to lies