Perfect day

When the sun rises above the line

When the colours warp and move around

When music of our world erupts

Into the warmth of this perfect day


Lost without you




Time apart

Lost without you

No sense of self

Sleep is near

Thoughts consuming

Your face held dear

Slipping into the darkness

One more sleep and your here


Angry birds rio

Sooo angry birds rio!!

What a game! Lol

So this post more personal

This game is so addictive 🙂

Who thought killing monkeys and birds with birds could swallow whole portions of your day!!

To lose myself in a game

To forget the stresses of daily living

To anyone who has not played the game I recommend it!

I love the freedom of thought this games gives me


Summer love

Dream of the sun

Blue and white all

Nautical lives

Cool breeze

Pale velvet in the sand

Warm touch

Electric spark

Just you and I



Living together

Moving in together

New life

New dreams

New hopes

Fear of unknown

Hold myself tight

Never letting go

Is this for you and not me

How to work at something so new

Can I leave the past behind??

Will the wounds close?

Will i stop hurting

Will u hold me under the stars

Will u Never let me go